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letter-s.jpg (5787 bytes)ari Warna Asli is one of the largest integrated Textiles manufacturing company in Indonesia, situated at SOLO CITY of CENTRAL JAVA. Sari Warna Asli was established in the year 1978 with production capacity of about 18 milion yards per year and expanded up to 120 million yards capacity per year, in various products like 100 % Cotton, 100 % Spun-Rayon, 100 % Spun-Polyester, T/C 65/35 Poly - Cotton, T/R 80/20 Poly-Viscose, and Poly-Textured woven fabrics.

letter-w.jpg (6044 bytes)e produce Twills, Gabardine, Oxford, Chambray, Tommy, Poplins, Peach-Skin, Metrolon, Polyno, Poly-Satin, and Pocketing fabrics. We do Pigment Prints, Reactive Prints, Disperse Prints, Disperse-Reactive and Discharge Prints. We supply in Greige, Dyed, Printed, and Finished fabrics in width range from 44" to 60".

letter-a.jpg (5729 bytes)ll the products are produced with our in house produced yarns and are supervised at every stage of process, right from the blow room, spinning, weaving, preparatory, dyeing, printing, and finishing. We have Lab equipment for various tests to ensure good quality of fabrics supplied to the markets. Our products are very well accepted in local as well as in overseas markets.
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